Gain Insight with the ScholarshipApp Advanced Analytics Dashboard

You can now leverage success metrics to gain insight into your scholarship campaign, enabling you to monitor and improve your results with the ScholarshipApp advanced analytics dashboard. 

Have you noticed that new generations don’t respond well to ads? Gen Z is particularly hard to reach. Students have well-developed filters that enable them to scroll right past your ads. 

We know how frustrating it is to see the campaigns you’ve worked so hard to craft underperform. And it’s even more frustrating when you realize that much of your advertising spend hasn’t been worth the effort. It’s especially upsetting to see poor campaign performance month after month. But it’s not your fault. This is because traditional marketing channels simply don’t work with Gen Z. It’s time to try something new! 

How to create and launch a scholarship campaign?

Instead of continually chasing your target audience with traditional ads that fail to gain attention, launch a scholarship campaign that literally brings students to you! 

Never considered scholarships as a viable alternative to conventional advertising? Scholarship campaigns bring you a lot of high-quality traffic, but more importantly, they help you understand your audience better. Through the scholarship application process, you’ll learn more about the students you’ve been trying to reach. What’s more? You’ll discover that the same students who have steadfastly avoided your ads are now proactively engaging with your brand.

To get started, simply create and launch your scholarship with the ScholarshipApp platform, and track your campaign success with our advanced analytics dashboard!

How does ScholarshipApp work? 

ScholarshipApp is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create your campaign on ScholarshipApp, and launch it out to the millions of students who use ScholarshipOwl to apply for scholarships. You’ll also be able to generate a conversion tracking pixel and add it to your website code to track success. Once your campaign has launched, simply login to ScholarshipApp and track your results in real-time!  

With our advanced analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to leverage your success metrics to gain insight into your campaign, monitor your campaign performance, and tap-in to that data to help you optimize future campaigns. It’s actually quite similar to the experience you’ve had with traditional ad platforms.

Post, track and measure with ScholarshipApp

With the ScholarshipApp dashboard, you can monitor and update your campaign while it’s still running. This can be really helpful, enabling you to optimize your campaign’s performance. Once your campaign is complete, you can generate a report that you can share with your team. 

Here are some of the metrics that you can track:  

Applications – the total number of applications you receive.

Impressions – the number of times your scholarship was shown to students on the ScholarshipOwl platform.

Scholarship Visits – the number of times students visited your scholarship.

Conversion to Application – the percentage of scholarship page visitors who submitted an application.

Cost per Visit – the cost of a visit to your scholarship landing page.

Cost per Lead – the cost of an application to your scholarship.

Conversion Rate – the percentage of scholarship applicants who completed the conversion goal on your site.

Why is a scholarship campaign a better alternative to traditional advertising?

If you’ve been trying to reach Gen Z, you’ll find that a scholarship campaign is a far more effective marketing tool than other digital campaigns you’ve tried – and it’s also considerably less expensive. You’ll also discover that you can learn so much more about this audience through a scholarship campaign. You’ll elevate your brand by creating a unique connection with students and families, and demonstrate corporate responsibility through your philanthropic efforts – because Gen Z won’t see your scholarship campaign as an advertisement. They will view your scholarship as a potential source of support in their effort to obtain a more affordable path to college. This builds trust, and will help you establish a deeper connection with students.

And you’ll be able to measure your scholarship campaign success ROI through our advanced analytics dashboard, enabling you to tailor future campaigns to further boost your success.

What’s more, you get to manage every step of the campaign in an all-in-one, user-friendly platform, designed to help businesses like yours achieve their goals. Don’t miss an opportunity to ensure your marketing efforts pay-off. Get started today at